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Adoption of New Technology
Made Simple For your Organisation

Our digital coach helps your people truly embrace new ways of working by shaping new good habits, one nudge at a time.

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Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude Digital Attitude

We believe that successful adoption of new technology is a matter of people, and it often requires a behavioral change.

Product overview

  • Carabiner

    Our technology harnesses decades of experience in change management developed by Methodos, one of our main investors

Technology Adoption

Drive technology adoption

Empower people to work smarter: speed up organizational processes, adopt smart ways of working and collaborating, maximize returns on investments you already made in technology.

  • Unlock the full value of technology
  • Make technology work for you, not against you
Make People Pioneers of Change

Make people pioneers of change

Our Habit Inspiring platform collects data and insights to nudge micro-changes that collectively make a huge impact on the individual, the team, and ultimately shape a more performance-driven workplace.

  • Boost productivity at the individual and team level
  • Embrace remote working

How does it all work?

  • Compass

    Understands and learns from the user’s behavior

  • Climbing

    Stimulates frame of mind, and nudges behavioral change

  • Flashlight

    Provides immediate feedback and monitors long-term behavior to ensure timely relapse correction

Digital Transformation ROI

Maximize investments already made in technology


Measurable and behavioral improvement
in terms of collaboration, efficiency, flexibility

It’s time to change!

Digital Attitude’s Habit Inspiring platform (H.I.) represents a paradigm shift in change management. It helps individuals change their habits without the need for classrooms, formal coaching, or even the need to ask for help

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