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Your Habit Inspiring coach

A data-driven digital assistant that coaches employees to build and maintain habits that improve adoption of new technologies through a just-in-time action-based programme.

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Digital Attitude Digital Attitude
  • Think of as a virtual coach with a huge brain. It suggests little changes in the way you do things, but only when and where you need it. It tailors a program around your needs, engaging with you a total of only 3 minutes per day. A behavioral change program can target technical skills, like software adoption, or soft skills, like teamwork.

Technical Skills - Nudge

Technical Skills

Drive Software adoption, effortlessly

Master productivity suites and collaborative tools, correct specific behaviors like saving on the desktop or printing on paper.

Soft Skills - Adoption

Soft Skills

Problem discovery, team building, leadership coaching

Improve communication, flexibility, leadership, teamwork, and time management.

How it works

  • is a Software-as-a-Service based on a Serverless Architecture that guarantees virtually infinite scalability and sustainability. The heavy lifting is done on the cloud, so the CPU and RAM impact on local machines is minimal. It can be installed remotely and develops a change program that is contextual, personalized, and that delivers just-in-time suggestions.

    • Data driven, effortless

      Data driven, effortless

      H.I. learns from you without disturbing your daily activity, collecting data to tailor a change program based around your needs. Build and maintain habits without effort, thanks to a training algorithm based on psychological principles

      • Collects data from your daily activities
      • Privacy-first by design and fully GDPR compliant
      • Designs a personalized coaching program
      • Acts contextually, exactly at the right moment
    • Psychological behavioral shaping

      Psychological behavioral shaping

      H.I. designs personalized programs for each individual, based on psychological principles including prime stimuli (psychological triggers), nudges (micro behavioral changes), and feedback to correct or reinforce a behavior. You can decide whether to follow these suggestions or not: only when you decide to change, you will develop long lasting habits.

      • Based on psychological behavioral-change principles
      • Small nudges or triggers with a huge cumulative impact
      • Repeated behaviors become permanent habits
      • Provides suggestions, without forcing specific behaviors
    • No classrooms or training

      No classrooms or training

      H.I. offers personalized coaching programs with messages, styles, and tones tailored to each user’s needs, interests, and skills. No need for training, classes, or for the pupil to even ask for help: H.I. offers guidance exactly when and where you need it.

      • No need for classes or video training
      • Contextual, just-in-time help
      • Interactions limited to a max of 3 minutes per day
      • Personalized, scalable, cost effective one-on-one coaching
    • Shape a more engaged and performance-driven workplace

      Shape a more engaged and performance-driven workplace

      In our vision of the future, the employee is the ultimate consultant who detects what the company needs in order to change and succeed, what the team needs to be more productive, and what the individual needs to improve their performance.

      • Boost individual and team performance, collaboration, and leadership
      • Detect whether you or your team need help working together
      • Understand whether you or your team need help with software adoption
      • Design personalized hard or soft skill change programs across large organizations
    • Persistent monitoring for long lasting changes

      Persistent, for long lasting changes

      What happens when consultants leave the premises? All too often, the individual reverts to old behaviors. With H.I. that won’t happen: it remains vigilant and ready to intervene whenever it senses that a behavior needs reinforcing.

      • Unlike traditional consultants, it stays even after the job is “done”
      • Remains ready to spring back to life and assist you in case of relapses
      • Reinforces behavioral change and gets you ready to tackle new challenges

What's the impact?

  • The results are overwhelmingly positive. The following graph shows the adoption of a specific behavior focused on nudging employees to save on the Cloud, instead of their local machine. In as little as two months, the undesired behavior (save on desktop) decreased from 57% to 37%, whereas the desired behavior (save on the cloud) increased from 43% to 63%.
    • Software Adoption - H.I. Save on Cloud behavior

      Software Adoption - H.I. Save on Cloud behavior

      "I like the feeling I get when H.I. understands what I’m doing and offers to support me, whether I actually need it or not. It presents itself as a quick solution, not as an additional piece of information."

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