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Nov 9, 2020

Datters did it again: we won the Adriano Olivetti Training Excellence award

We’ve kept this secret for a while. Now, at long last, we can announce it:

we won the first prize and a special mention at the 5th edition of the AIF Adriano Olivetti Training Excellence Award,

where we presented our habit-inspiring platform!

Let’s give a closer look at AIF (Associazione Italiana Formatori). Founded in 1975, AIF is an Italian no-profit organization whose mission is to support the evolution of corporate training in the national landscape, still interacting with valuable international partners.

Also, AIF is well-known thanks to its awards’ prestige: amongst them – guess it, Adriano Olivetti Training Excellence, which promotes organizational innovative learning paths and people enhancement!

We competed for the category “New Technology for Training”. We met several companies that presented many exciting projects on designing and deploying technology-supported training to value and enhance individual and organizational evolution.

During the presentation, we showed how hi works. We explained how our habit-inspiring platform aims to increase and enforce technological adoption and strengthen people’s digital skills. Want to deepen a bit more how does hi work? Jump here!

For our project, we got a mention for our valuable insight into the field of technological innovation.

We couldn’t be prouder of this invaluable achievement… on to the next one!

25 ottobre 2022 | Evento HR & Data

I dati a servizio degli HR sono uno strumento potente, saperli leggere, unire ed interpretare rende il loro impatto esponenziale.

Il 25 Ottobre ti aspettiamo per un incontro nella sede di Digital Attitude a Milano in cui, grazie alle testimonianze aziendali e al confronto su casi pratici, potrai tornare nella tua azienda con evidenze e strumenti nuovi con cui lavorare.

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