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Oct 19, 2020

Our interview with Spremute Digitali

Valentina Marini from "Spremute Digitali" interviewed our CEO, Luca, and our Sales & Marketing Manager, Francesco. The focal point of this chat between them was how to turn something perceived as "new" and turn it into a habit

Here below, you can find an excerpt of the interview.

Try to tell a child what you do in Digital Attitude. 

Digital Attitude's mission is to make the adoption of new technologies simple. In doing so, we want that people of every environment and organization can work better (today, it's used to say "smart") and be happier! 

We do this every day, thinking about every company's different mentalities, focusing on people's behaviors to adopt new ones, and make them become good habits.

What's important is to be astonished and intrigued, having a positive mindset in front of the coming "new", like a child.

"I always did it like this": how many times does this mantra become the excuse to never change! You argue that people's habits can be converted, but that the brain needs to change, and the heart as well. In this sense, you say that change can be taught. How?

Last week we held a webinar. Its title was "The unconventional solution for your digital evolution". Unconventional and evolution are the two terms that best represent the mindset with which we have been asked to face the difficult situation we faced in the past months, experiencing it as a new and great opportunity to learn a lot. This could be linked to the digital world and what concerns change management and the adoption of new technological solutions.

Evolution (therefore, the change that belongs to human history) is continuous, necessary, and every time faster. Therefore, every human being must look at the unconventional and live it with an unconventional approach thanks to unconventional tools (the new digital platforms). And they have to do so in the more or less complex relational map of the various organizations!

So... yes. Change can also be taught, learned, lived.

How can the technological revolution go hand in hand with people's evolution?
There can be no technological revolution - or, better, transformation - without considering people and their evolution.

But which evolution? Which innovation? 

The world is impacted by the continuous transformation and technological development, but if, and only if, we put at the center - or perhaps even better on the border, on the circumference that limits and marks our comfort zone - the person and their relationships, then we can call it innovation. Not only: a social innovation. It impacts on people's lives, hoping that it can always improve it.

That's why the level of attention must be very high.

The heart of Digital Attitude is "hi", your habit-inspiring platform. What is it? Tell something about it and explain what the benefits are.

hi - habit-inspiring platform - is a digital platform driven by artificial intelligence that suggests and guides - we use the term "nudge" - users to build and maintain new habits, facilitating the adoption of new technologies and smarter and simpler ways of working within organizations.

There are 4 main benefits:

  • She unlocks the full technological potential and digital transformation ROI
  • She exponentially amplifies training & learning opportunities
  • She accelerates the adoption of new skills while increasing the productivity of each individual
  • She makes the change & adoption process sustainable over time.

Full interview [content in ITALIAN]

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

25 ottobre 2022 | Evento HR & Data

I dati a servizio degli HR sono uno strumento potente, saperli leggere, unire ed interpretare rende il loro impatto esponenziale.

Il 25 Ottobre ti aspettiamo per un incontro nella sede di Digital Attitude a Milano in cui, grazie alle testimonianze aziendali e al confronto su casi pratici, potrai tornare nella tua azienda con evidenze e strumenti nuovi con cui lavorare.

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