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Jul 23, 2020

Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference 2020: Digital Attitude wins a Gold Award

Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference is the yearly global event dedicated to Microsoft partners. It's an excellent opportunity to enrich our knowledge and skills in Microsoft world. This year the event turned digital for the first time, but we couldn't wait to attend!

We listened to astonishing presentations about Microsoft cloud platforms and the new frontiers of digital transformation. It has been super-inspiring - as the title of the conference suggests, and it also brought some good news for us!

We won the Cloud Collaboration and Smart Working Gold Award during the Microsoft Italy Digital Transformation Champ Awards 2020!

Well, Microsoft Inspire hasn't been only "inspiring" but also super emotional! We're very proud and happy to receive this award. Why? One of our goals is to help people to work smartly adopting technology in the most sustainable way possible. It's undoubtedly the best award we could get from the conference!

It's impossible to think about this result without thinking about all the Datters: a team of enthusiastic and hardworking people who faced these tough and challenging times, always looking ahead and never taking the easier path!

We want to thank Microsoft Italy for such an acknowledgment. We'd never thought of getting this far!

Of course, a special thank goes to all the Microsoft Italy advisors and consultants. They trusted and continuously supported us.

Last but not least… thank you, Satya Nadella, for inspiring us to "make others cool" – pssst! If you don't know where this quote comes from, take a look at this interview!

Now it's time to go further, one nudge at a time!

25 ottobre 2022 | Evento HR & Data

I dati a servizio degli HR sono uno strumento potente, saperli leggere, unire ed interpretare rende il loro impatto esponenziale.

Il 25 Ottobre ti aspettiamo per un incontro nella sede di Digital Attitude a Milano in cui, grazie alle testimonianze aziendali e al confronto su casi pratici, potrai tornare nella tua azienda con evidenze e strumenti nuovi con cui lavorare.

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